Jack -O- Lantern Pumpkins

These pumpkins are hand picked and put on

 the rack for easy accessibility. Like the name 

suggests, they are perfect for carving! 

$4.00 - $6.00

You-Pick Pumpkins

Left in the field for you to discover, these 

pumpkins are already cut from the vine 

and ready to put in your cart.




If you are looking to make a BIG 

statement with your decor, pick up

 one of our Large Mums!



We strive for perfection with our mum selection. Offering a wide variety of colors , you can select what will best suit your fall style! 



Various Gourds

 Varieties include apple, birdhouse, and small 

decorative gourds. 

Prices vary

Indian Corn

Indian Corn

No two ears are alike! Find the perfect ones for your decor!

$1.00 each

"Knuckle Head" Pumpkins

The kids will love finding these pumpkins out in the patch!

They are perfect for the Halloween season!




Pick some sunflowers from the field and get some memorable fall photos.

$​1.00 e​ach